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African Giant is a premium Edtech company that provides solutions to measure and improve English literacy.

English Assessment & Remediation solutions for...

Looking for a way to assess learners objectively?
Need additional help to enrich a learner’s English?


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We offer child-friendly English Assessments to benchmark learners. Assess any 4 skills – Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening with a user-friendly, activity-based, CEFR-aligned assessment. We get learners back on track with our world-class Live Speaking Programme.

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We offer online secure high and low-stakes English Assessments for young adults. Delivered anywhere, anytime, and on any device with no downloads.

Online courses to help learners who struggle with English as a first language as well as Live Speaking Programmes.

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We offer industry or profession-specific English Assessments for recruitment, placement, and certification. 

Online courses to help professionals learn English for a specific career.

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African Giant helps people to succeed in their learning journey

African Giant is an Edtech company that provides digital educational solutions. Specializing in English assessment and remediation, the company aims to bring high-quality solutions to Africa. Our partnership with the Burlington Group, which has been delivering educational solutions for over 40 years, enables us to offer innovative solutions that meet global standards.

Our assessment and remediation products offer solutions for Primary Schools, High Schools, Universities, and Corporates. The assessment platform delivers secure online English Assessments at scale, is low on data usage, and is priced for emerging markets. Remediation consists of online English courses and Live Speaking sessions all tailored to improve English proficiency.

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The African Giant Blog delves into the world of English remediation and assessment and discovers the many benefits it has to offer.

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Yes, we offer remediation solutions in the form of online courses, and online Live sessions with highly trained teachers for small groups.

Yes. The VTEST online assessment platform will work on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Making it accessible to all. 

It's the act of watching people taking an exam to check that they do not cheat. This can be achieved either in person or via advanced technology online. VTEST offers advanced AI to automate this process and reduce costs.

No. The Assessment Platform handles everything in one place, so you will not require different applications to achieve a secure online assessment environment.

Yes. Our Platform is GDPR compliant and will meet all compliance requirements of POPI. 

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