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African Giant is on a mission to measure and improve English Literacy in Africa. Our partnership with the Burlington Group, which has been delivering educational solutions for over 40 years, enables us to offer innovative and proven solutions that meet global standards. 

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The challenge our youth face

South African schools face several challenges when it comes to English literacy, particularly in terms of reading and comprehension skills. According to a study by the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS), 81% of South African fourth-grade learners are unable to read with comprehension. 

This lack of English literacy skills can have a significant impact on academic success and future opportunities for learners. Addressing these challenges is crucial to ensuring that South African learners receive the education they need to succeed in the future.

81% of South African fourth-grade learners are unable to read with comprehension
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World-class English Enrichment Programme

The English Enrichment Programme is designed to benchmark and improve a learner’s English proficiency and will run for a minimum period of three months.

Measure and Benchmark

The first and last phase is to determine a learner’s English proficiency level, called benchmarking. This is achieved with our English Proficiency Assessment, a user-friendly and activity-based assessment aligned with the CEFR Levels. Our assessment platform offers learners an objective way to assess their skills and abilities. This combined with the second phase reporting will provide a comprehensive overview of the Learner’s English proficiency levels and learning journey.

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CEFR Framework Levels
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Burlington Live Speaking

The second phase is to provide a remediation module to the Learner in the form of online lessons that motivate kids to speak in a friendly environment. These are activity-based, small-group lessons that allow each Learner multiple opportunities to speak. The module offers exciting topics, linking the language to what is currently being taught at the school. Every lesson is led by our team of highly trained, fluent English teachers. A critical component of the module is the progress monitoring and feedback that is provided for constant improvement throughout the Enrichment Programme.

Our engaging approach fosters learner curiosity, respectfulness, reflectiveness, and independence as they collaborate with one another. Through Live Speaking, we go beyond mere speech training and nurture learners in a holistic manner. We equip them with the confidence and skills to conduct research, cultivate critical thinking, and engage in meaningful discussions about ideas and issues rooted in the broader realities of the world.

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Live Speaking

Lesson structure

Activities that enrich reading, story sequencing, pronunciation activities, memory activities, puzzles, songs, rhymes, dialogues, drawing, matching, odd one out, repetition of alphabet and numbers throughout the activities.


GET READY - includes Videos, dialogues, songs, quizzes, and stories springboard into creative speaking tasks.


LETS TALK - includes fun games with appealing graphics to get learners warmed up and ready to speak about familiar topics.


ROUND-UP - includes round-up questions and answers to give learners the opportunity to personalise the topic.

Learning outcomes

By empowering our learners to become not only proficient English speakers but also better citizens, we are laying the foundation for an improved and vibrant future community. Extensive research illuminates the profound impact of enhanced English literacy on learners and their future roles within their communities:

  1. Access to Education
  2. Employment Opportunities
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Community Development
  5. Economic Growth
  6. Social Inclusion
  7. Health Literacy
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