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Assessment and remediation solutions

Learn more about our assessment and remediation solutions. Our solutions are for universities, schools, companies, professional bodies, and governments.

Assessment been taken by candidates

African Giant is bringing world-class assessment and remediation solutions into Africa. We have partnered with the Burlington Group, with a track record of delivering educational solutions for over 40 years to ensure a bright future for Africa.

Secure Online English Assessment Platform

Our online English Assessment platform offers summative and diagnostic assessment solutions that enable schools, universities, companies, and governments to benefit from ready-to-use and adaptive assessments within a secure environment.

Online assessment applications and uses

We offer multiple applications for our assessment platform, like English, Professions, School, or Open.

VTEST English & Profession – Measure the English proficiency of students and employees, relating to Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing.  CEFR levels A1 to C2, adaptive testing with multi-versioning & item mixing. Aligned with TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, and other standards such as ALTE, GSE, NRS, and others.  Instant results and certificates are provided after completion of the test.  Video & writing interviews are optional.

VTEST Open – The unique Open Exam Builder allows users to create, administer and score their own exams. Strong back office for test administration with Co-branding including your brand, logo, and colours on screens and certificates.

English Remediation

Our remediation offering will cover all your English learning requirements and provide educational content for the workplace. For primary schools, we offer Online Live Speaking lessons hosted by our highly qualified English teachers with activities that enrich reading, story sequencing, pronunciation activities, memory activities, puzzles, songs, rhymes, dialogues, drawing, matching, odd one-out, repetition of alphabet and numbers throughout the activities. Aligned with Cambridge Starters, Movers, and Flyers. Includes weekly and monthly progress reporting.

Learn more about our assessment and remediation solutions VTEST – an online assessment platform and Burlington English – English remediation.

VTEST - secure online testing platform

Secure assessment delivered anywhere, anytime, and on any device for schools, universities, and companies.

  • Artificial intelligence using sensor and transactional data
  • Instant results
  • English for specific industries and professions
Online assessment platform options

Burlington English.

This standards-based, fully blended curriculum combines academic and workforce readiness skills that actively engage and prepare students for post-secondary education and job training, and ultimately, to succeed in their careers.​

Burlington English Digital Learning

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